Education Consultation

Hi there, I’m Felicia Wright and I’m your Family Education Consultant. You might be wondering, how I can help you?  I am here to provide you and your child all of the learning assistance that you may need.

The world was not prepared for learning through a global pandemic and I have seen a lot of parents worry about their young learners. Likewise, I have seen a lot of students struggle to transition back and forth from virtual learning to in-person learning.

Our children have lived through a traumatic event that will shape their lives. By offering our young learners compassion and support, I believe they can move forward with confidence in their education.

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By hiring me as your consultant, I can offer you:

Helping you to choose the best homeschool curriculum

There are many options when it comes to homeschooling your child that it can often feel overwhelming. You want the best for your child but you aren’t sure which curriculum will work best for your child’s needs. I am here to help you navigate choosing the best curriculum for your learner.

Sometimes our children can feel stressed and their self-esteem can take a toll on them. I am here to offer your child a boost in their confidence and to be a listening ear for them. By listening to them, we can rebuild their belief in themselves for a positive outcome with their learning.

Teaching your child can feel scary, especially if you don’t have any prior experience teaching. I’m a friendly and compassionate teacher that can show you effective ways to teach your child. Let’s take the struggle out of learning. 

If I didn't list what you need help with, no problem. Just let me know how I can assist when you book.

Having a certified teacher by your side to professionally teach your child is going to be helpful. I am able to explain lessons in different ways to help clarify the information.

It feels like you are repeating yourself and that your child just isn’t listening to what you have to say. That can be so frustrating for you as well as your child. By hiring me as your consultant, I can help you and your child communicate more effectively with one another. 

Assistance in teaching your child a lesson

Helping you and your child communicate better at home.

Compassionate support and encouragement for your child

Advice on how to effectively teach your child from home. 

What do you need?

Services are provided on an hourly basis at $97.00 per hour. We can tailor your package to what you and your child’s needs are to make the most out of our time together.
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